feedsushi 1.3

A new update of feedsushi is out! I hope you will enjoy this version because this one, more than any others, is the result of your help. As you know we are developing feedsushi because we like Tiny Tiny RSS and we use it everyday. We want to make feedsushi better and we will always need your help.

Some of you asked for the Basic Authentication and, at last, we had time to introduce it. For now only single user is supported: please let us know if you need the multi user feature.

We have to thank everyone who wrote us with plenty of suggestions about sharing and improving the usability of the article view. Now we can select images and text on an article and copy/share a portion of text or an image, define a single word (from local dictionary) or view/copy/share the alternate text for an image (useful for xkcd.com :). We improved the sharing feature as well. Now feedsushi has different text for each sharing target.

Some minor changes are:

  • You can now use the “~” in the URL field. (Sorry we didn’t think about it before)
  • A single tap on the status bar returns to the top of the headlines, the article or even the menu.

I hope the next version will have the offline reading. We need it! Paid work is necessary to live unfortunately and we work on feedsushi on our spare time, usually on weekends. Be patient! 🙂