feedsushi 1.2

First of all, sorry for the delay. I know we should have published an iPhone 6/plus version sooner but I had an iPhone 6 in my hands few weeks ago and I didn’t trust the simulator. This version has  some improvements. Thank you for leaving comments and suggestions on our support site. Your requests were:

  1. Offline reading
  2. Day/Night/Sepia mode extended to headlines and menu
  3. Chance to add a feed
  4. Basic Auth

Since we had some time constraints we decided to include only the second and the third requests in version 1.2, but we will certainly include offline reading in the next major release and we are evaluating the support for basic authentication too. Since feedsushi.com is a multi-user site with HTTPS security we had to put on hold the last request. Don’t despair we’ll look into it!

If you are a fan of night mode you will be happy to see that now it is applied to headlines and menu too. We decided not to extend the night mode to settings or account related screens because those are not commonly used when reading.

If you need to add a feed there is now an entry in the menu or you can copy the feed URL outside the app and you’ll be asked to add that URL when you re-open feedsushi.

As usual feel free to contact us for suggestions (functionalities, design…) or bug reports.

One more thing: if you have an iOS 8 device you can be a beta tester! Please drop a line in the support section if interested.