Deutsch für Anfänger (German for beginners)

Did I tell you that I cannot find the time to work at my apps? And yet I started learning German. I like learning and I would have liked to speak English better and to learn other languages as well. I chose German because I have been to Munich some times and I really likes it. Such a wonderful and green city! When there, you don’t have any difficulties to communicate in English but I really want to know the language to feel more comfortable. I am a true beginner, facing with the different structure of the phrases, the genders of the words and the use of cases (I know only two of them for now). I remember that my philosophy teacher used to tell us that the German is the Philosophy language. I know I will never be able to read Kant or Goethe. Actually I would be happy If I could walk around Munich and understand the street signs or have something to eat at a restaurant.

In the meantime, Tschüss! (Bye!)