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A long due post

Since I’m somewhat the admin of this blog and I know Claudia I feel the need to write these few lines.

We moved to another country and a more complex life has started.

Claudia is now working, as an iOS developer of course, in Amsterdam and has no time to invest in feedsushi.

I’m still using it even on iOS 11 and, after all, it seems to age very well. We had a lot of ideas but little time. I hope you can understand and I apologise for the very very late post.

On the server side I am guilty too: I have switched to a personal use of and now the domain is no longer mine. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Thanks to all the feedsushi users, for a little while we where very proud of you all!

How to import new records or time units

Let’s take a look at the procedure needed to add previous (or forgotten) record for a particular activity and how to define new time units (useful for a billable activity).

First of all let’s make a full backup using the export function: pull up the handle and tap on the Settings icon (lower right gear) then choose Export and press the Export button in the upper right corner (I’d say pretty easy :)). Starting from an export is not necessary because import doesn’t delete existing data.

Then connect the iPhone to iTunes and transfer the export files to your PC/Mac (find in the sidebar your device and then choose the Apps tab and scroll until you find the TimeLord app):

TimeLord Documents

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