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A long due post

Since I’m somewhat the admin of this blog and I know Claudia I feel the need to write these few lines.

We moved to another country and a more complex life has started.

Claudia is now working, as an iOS developer of course, in Amsterdam and has no time to invest in feedsushi.

I’m still using it even on iOS 11 and, after all, it seems to age very well. We had a lot of ideas but little time. I hope you can understand and I apologise for the very very late post.

On the server side I am guilty too: I have switched to a personal use of and now the domain is no longer mine. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Thanks to all the feedsushi users, for a little while we where very proud of you all!

“Men at work”

I’m back! My vacation in the Dolomites has come to an end and I have a lot of work to do. In my feedsushi app I used Crashlytics to trace crashes and there are some of them waiting to be fixed. I’m working on it and a new release will be ready soon with some fixes and hopefully some new features.

In the meantime if you want to give a look to some nice Dolomites photos my fiancé posted ours here.

Deutsch für Anfänger (German for beginners)

Did I tell you that I cannot find the time to work at my apps? And yet I started learning German. I like learning and I would have liked to speak English better and to learn other languages as well. I chose German because I have been to Munich some times and I really likes it. Such a wonderful and green city! When there, you don’t have any difficulties to communicate in English but I really want to know the language to feel more comfortable. I am a true beginner, facing with the different structure of the phrases, the genders of the words and the use of cases (I know only two of them for now). I remember that my philosophy teacher used to tell us that the German is the Philosophy language. I know I will never be able to read Kant or Goethe. Actually I would be happy If I could walk around Munich and understand the street signs or have something to eat at a restaurant.

In the meantime, Tschüss! (Bye!)


So I had to start working again. Not for myself. Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to join Altran Italy as an iOS developer and now I’m working at one of the Telecom Italia customer care apps. Since then, I cannot find enough time to write something (not that I wrote too much before..didn’t I?) and, what’s worse, I cannot work to my apps anymore. Apart from TimeLord, I was working to a new app almost ready to be published. Publication will be postponed on a date to be defined. In the mean time I find the following quote really appropriate:Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. Adam Hochschild.

“Ready for sale”…up there in the mountains

I’m back from a wonderful mountain holiday in the Dolomites. I love going for walks in the mountains in summer and the Dolomites are like paradise. Before leaving I decided to submit TimeLord for revision. Frankly I was somewhat afraid to do it, it is my first app in AppStore. I have been reading the guidelines again and again thinking that I might forget something to do before submission but at last I decided to go on. I was sleeping after a day walking when the news arrived:”Your app TimeLord has changed to Ready for Sale”. Actually Marco woke me up because I had heard the notification but I was afraid to see a rejected status. TimeLord will be available very soon, free obviously, with full import/export as In-App purchasing.

First of all

Everything started several months ago. I realized that the job I was doing was extremely boring (at least it was for me). It was so boring that I had plenty of time to learn something new. After a brief search on iTunesU (a gold mine!) I found the iOS lessons from the Stanford University (CS193P). It would have been great to have a professor like Paul Hegarty at my university! Amazing!

After some years as a developer and system administrator in Microsoft systems it would have been difficult to change inside the company where I worked. I decided to leave and start again. Since then I have been working full-time as an iOS developer and discovered how different it is to devote my time to something I like to do (at last!)

People who know me look at me with a mixture of admiration (a little) and compassion (a lot): “did you leave a good job to start from scratch?”. But I’m not starting from zero… I’m starting from three!