feedsushi 1.4

A feedsushi update is available!

We added support for labels and made some UI changes. I would like to thank you again all of you for leaving messages on our support page or reviewing the app!

First of all I have to apologize for the method used to ask for reviews (sorry Emielvg). Actually there was a problem in a trigger and the app continued bothering you all with an alert. It should be much better now.

One of you (thank you wordperson23) suggested to insert an option to disable the wiggling animation  occurring when navigating between articles. After a few discussions we agreed that actually he was so right that not only we inserted an option but we disabled the animation by default as well.

Last but not least we tried to make some changes to the UI (thank you mkormendy). Unfortunately there isn’t a designer behind feedsushi and we know that its UI could be much better. We cannot change it completely but we try to make some improvements release after release. Menu bar is now always visible on iPad, we added a swipe gesture (from left margin, similar to the one already present in the headlines) in the articles to open the menu bar (iPhone) and we improved the navigation between articles as well.

That’s all, apart from some bug fixes of course! We hope you enjoy this new release!